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Homemade Chicken Soup Recipe

    Homemade Chicken Soup Recipe

    This homemade chicken soup recipe is in your best interest because it benefits your physical and mental health. How is it that just chicken and vegetables can be made to taste so satiating when they are cooked together? You don’t need to be ill to earn the right to take pleasure in it!

    This recipe for homemade chicken soup will satisfy your hunger and calm and relax your mind and spirit.

    Chicken Soup Ingredients

    The following are the straightforward components that are required for this recipe for chicken soup:

    • Chicken: This homemade chicken soup uses a whole chicken weighing 3 pounds as its starting point.
    • Carrots, celery, and onion are the vegetables that you will require.
    • Seasonings: To flavor the soup, add some salt, pepper, and chicken bouillon granules (if you wish to use them).

    How to Make Chicken Soup

    You’ll find the complete recipe on this page, including all the steps. In the meanwhile, here’s a quick rundown of what you can anticipate when you prepare this simple chicken soup:

    1. First, make the stock by boiling the chicken and vegetables for sufficient time so that the chicken meat pulls away from the bone.
    2. Remove the chicken from the cavity and cut it into pieces, throwing away the skin and the bones.
    3. After saving the stock, strain the veggies and cut them into bite-sized pieces. Next, the pot should be rinsed.
    4. Place everything back into the saucepan. Bring the soup up to temperature, then season it to your liking.

    How to Store Chicken Soup

    After the chicken soup has cooled, put it in a container that can keep air out. Keep for three to four days in the refrigerator after opening. Then, reheat the food to the appropriate temperature in the microwave or stove.

    Can You Freeze Chicken Soup?

    Yes! You may keep chicken soup in the freezer for up to half a year. After the soup has cooled, measure individual servings and place them in freezer bags you have dated. After squeezing out the excess air and freezing the mixture flat, you should leave a tiny bit of space at the top to allow for expansion. Then, using the burner, reheat the food.

    • 1 entire chicken weighing in at 3 pounds
    • 4 carrots, cut in half
    • 4 florets of celery, cut in half
    • 1 large onion, cut in half lengthwise
    • sufficient water to cover
    • to your liking, salt, and pepper
    • 1 teaspoon of granulated chicken bouillon (this step is optional).
    • Put the chicken, carrots, celery, and onion in a big soup pot, and then fill everything with as much cold water as it will hold. Bring to a boil over medium heat, then decrease the heat to low and simmer, uncovered, for approximately 90 minutes or until the meat easily separates from the bone. Remove the foam at regular intervals or as required.
    • Take the chicken out of the saucepan and let it sit until it is cold enough to be handled; once it is, cut the flesh into pieces and throw away the skin and bones.
    • After rinsing the soup saucepan and re-adding the stock, strain the soup to remove the veggies while conserving the stock. Reduce the size of the veggies you’re using by chopping them, then add the chicken and vegetables that have been cut back into the saucepan.
    • The soup should be heated until it is completely hot, then seasoned to taste with salt, pepper, and chicken bouillon.

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